Maple Leaf Landscaping LLC is a second generation landscape services company concentrating on landscape construction, excavation and drainage.

Founded in 1997 by Sergey Sychev, the company continues to grow into what has become the landscape construction leader in the Pioneer Valley. After the passing of Sergey in 2008, the second of five children assumed control of the company. Tim went on to study Horticulture and become certified by both the ICPI and NCMA. In the last decade the company has taken more interest in Hardscaping, excavation and drainage.

Mission Statement

It is in our best interest to provide assistance to our clients in a timely and cost effective manor. We are dedicated to helping the client realize their goal by meeting and surpassing their expectations. Every new client provides us with a unique opportunity to present our knowledge and skills to achieve a long lasting impression.


We seek clients who are interested in our company as a collaborative partner to achieve their goals.

The process starts when a client contacts our office for a consultation a project in mind. We then proceed to arrange a meeting on site to further develop ideas. We gather as much information about the clients goals, preferences and budget. A thorough site examination is performed, factoring in existing conditions, limitations and opportunities. Location of utilities is always taken into consideration when designing a project site. Another key aspect of any sound design is the environmental impact the site may have unto the project or vise versa. The site visit is then followed by a presentation of initial elements previously discussed, along with a preliminary budget and options. After client review and all design goals have been met, a final presentation of design and budget is submitted.